Priority 1: Sustainable socio-economic development

The Overall priority objective is to promote the sustainable development of the cross-border region through effective use of the region's economic potential, in synergy with friendly and appropriate use of natural resources ensuring the preservation of regional biodiversity.

The overall priority objective will be achieved through Specific priority objectives:

  • To promote business cooperation, increase cross-border trade, develop labour market mobility, cross-border RDI and joint economic planning
  • To stimulate tourism development based on the cross-border regional identity and the natural and cultural assets of the cross-border region
  • To protect and safeguard the natural assets of the cross-border region by taking joint actions and by increasing public awareness
  • To promote good neighbourly relations across the border between local communities

The specific priority objectives will be achieved through the following measures:

Measure 1.1. Economic development
The measure will stimulate regular interaction between businesses located across the crossborder region via: business-to-business networks; development of SME support services and joint access to these; joint marketing & promotion on domestic & EU markets; enhancement of innovativeness by cooperation of SMEs with educational and R&D organisations; exchange of know-how; selected investments in business infrastructure. The measure is expected to diversify economic development by the supporting the development & improvement of tourism products & services; integration of cultural heritage & environment into tourism products; and the joint marketing of these products Improve knowledge of people working in tourism and culture & agriculture. Use of ICT tools for developing and marketing products and training people.

Measure 1.2. Environmental protection
This measure will support awareness raising activities on environmental issues and joint actions to ensure that sites of high environmental and landscape value are managed so that they can sustain the pressures of tourism development without losing their value. In addition, the measure will support the development of more effective systems and approaches to emergency preparedness in relation to flood prevention and control; cross-border pollution, food safety and health issues. The measure will also support the development of joint waste management and minimisation strategies. A selected number of actions will be supported which result in the clean-up and restoration of polluted /damaged sites.

Measure 1.3. People-to-people
This measure will encourage contacts, communication and cooperation between local communities and local community organisations /agencies within the cross-border region, particularly in support of women and marginalised groups (unemployed youth and disabled), local democracy and the development of civil society.

Priority 2: Technical Assistance

The Overall priority objective is to improve the capacity of national and joint structures to manage cross-border programme.

The overall priority objective will be achieved through Specific priority objectives:

  • to ensure the efficient operation of programme-relevant structures
  • to provide and disseminate programme information to national authorities, the general public and programme beneficiaries
  • to improve the capacity of potential beneficiaries, particularly within the programming area, to prepare and subsequently implement high quality programme operations
  • to provide technical expertise for external programme evaluations
The specific priority objectives will be achieved through the following measures:

Measure 2.1. Programme administration and implementation
This measure will provide support for the work of national Operating structures and the Joint Monitoring Committee in programme management. It will also ensure the provision of advice and support to final beneficiaries in project development and implementation.

Measure 2.2. Programme information, publicity and evaluation
This measure will ensure programme awareness amongst local, regional and national decision-makers; funding authorities; the inhabitants of the programme area and the general public in Croatia and Serbia. This measure will support the provision of expertise to the Joint Monitoring Committee for the planning and carrying out  of external programme evaluations. It should also cover, inter alia, the preparation, translation and dissemination of programme related information and publicity material, including programme website.

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