Examples of eligible actions under Measure 1.1. Economic development

  • Development of SMEs support services for improving business cooperation and joint marketing of SMEs
  • Cross-border business partner finding activities (trade fairs, conferences, databases, websites, study tours
  • Cross-border labour mobility events and services
  • Development of cooperation between SMEs, education, research & development organisations for improving business innovativeness and technology
  • Joint vocational /adult training projects addressing skills needs & sectoral needs
  • Research studies to identify market gaps, market opportunities, high value products, dissemination of results across border region
  • Common marketing initiatives promoting local products, services
  • Joint cluster initiatives (e.g. electronics, multi-media, ICT, food processing, biotechnology)
  • Improving knowledge and skills of people in entrepreneurship, new technologies, marketing, promotion;
  • Stimulating use of ICT in production, marketing and management of SMEs.
  • Support to joint initiatives for certification of local products
  • Support to development of new tourism products (development of thematic routes, joint promotion events and materials, site exploitation)
  • Small-scale business infrastructure
  • Heritage reconstruction to ensure growth in tourist capacity
  • Improvement of recreational and small-scale tourism infrastructure (walking paths, cycle routes, equipping visitor centre, information points, networking tourism centres)
  • Networking of agricultural producers

Examples of eligible actions under Measure 1.2. Environmental protection
  • Development of joint management plans for protected /sensitive areas
  • Preparation of cross-border emergency strategies and action plans to deal with natural and man-made environmental hazards
  • Awareness and information campaigns in relation to environment and emergency preparedness which focus on key areas of concern such as waste management, preservation of biodiversity and responses to flooding.
  • Development and implementation of training and training products for specialists involved in the areas of environmental protection and emergency preparedness.
  • Cross-border cooperation between organisations involved in environmental protection and management of protected sites
  • Joint awareness-raising among polluters and inhabitants on the need for environment protection and the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Joint actions to develop solid waste management systems
  • Joint actions to establish environmental monitoring systems
  • Joint management and joint preservation of water resources and improvement of water quality
  • Identification and clean-up of uncontrolled waste disposal sites and development of prevention measures;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and other technical documentation for large scale infrastructure which will have clear cross-border benefits (e.g. wastewater treatment plants, flood prevention barriers, landfill sites) to be financed by sources other than this programme.
  • Construction of small-scale, regional level, environmental and emergency preparedness infrastructure
  • Cross border partner finding activities
  • Studies and direct actions on applicability of renewable energy source
Examples of eligible actions under Measure 1.3. People-to-people
  • Legal counselling for marginalised groups
  • Joint community building programs with emphasis on inter-ethnic cooperation
  • Joint health services delivery
  • Developing cross-border cooperation between organisations providing social and welfare services
  • Awareness raising activities on the effects of social exclusion
  • Support to non government organisations active in combating social exclusion
  • Actions in support of local democracy
  • Cross-border networking of cultural and youth institutions
  • Creation of joint cultural exchange programs (meetings and exchanges between youth, artistic and cultural organisations)
  • Cross border partner finding activities

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