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Mačva District

Mačva District is a district of Serbia.
It encompasses the municipalities of:
• Bogatić
• Šabac
• Loznica
• Vladimirci
• Koceljeva
• Mali Zvornik
• Krupanj
• Ljubovija

Capital Šabac
Land area 3,268 km²
Population 329,625
Famous monuments can be seen in the vicinity of Šabac, dedicated to events from the history of Serbian people:
-Monument to Karađorđe and Serbian Heroes of the First Serbian Uprising and the Museum of the Battle of Mišar
-Remnants of the ancient cities on the banks of the Sava river: Novo Selo, the site of the King Milutin's Palace
-Kosanin grad, the medieval fortress on the Cer Mountain.
Not far away from Loznica stands the village of Tršić, the birth place of the reformer of Serbian language and orthography, Vuk Karadžić. From Tršić, a footpath leads to the Tronoša Monastery, one of the oldest medieval endowments of the Nemanjić dynasty. This fourteenth century monastery played an important part in the preservation of Serbian culture and tradition. Over a long period, particularly during the fourteenth century, a copying school tradition was nourished in it for its own and other monasteries' needs. This preserved the historic and cultural documents of the Serbian people.